Criminal Lawyer - Easton, PA - Lehigh Valley

A criminal conviction can have serious lifelong consequences. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, it jeopardizes your freedom and your reputation, and can negatively impact your ability to gain employment, find housing, obtain custody of your children, operate a vehicle, and more. This is why consulting with a criminal defense lawyer immediately is vital. You have key constitutional rights that need to be protected. Depending on the type of case and legal motions, requests may need to be filed right now.

Hiring a trusted criminal defense attorney is of the utmost importance. Timothy J. Prendergast is the hardest working criminal lawyer in the Lehigh Valley and understands that all people deserve a fair defense regardless of the charge. Tim has a trusted track record and will work hard to represent you appropriately and with discretion.


Some of The Serious Crimes We Defend:

Drug Offenses

An understanding of police criminal procedure and protocol is absolutely vital in drug offenses. Law enforcement can be extremely aggressive when it comes to offenses for possession, manufacturing, or trafficking of controlled substances. An experienced lawyer with a deep understanding of police protocol is your best defense.


Assault crimes take all forms, from domestic violence to fight in a local bar. Each type of case carries its own set of circumstances but a conviction in any case will have a negative impact on your life. Hiring a trusted defense lawyer immediately can make all the difference - in some cases deals can be worked out early on to prevent having to work through the court system and spend hefty amounts of cash. 

Sex Crimes

Sex offences are sensative affairs that can be anything from posession of child pornography to sexual assault to rape. Each case is handled with discretion and necessitates compassion and understanding of everyone involved. Hiring a defense lawyer immediately will make all the difference in these types of cases.


DUI charges can have lifelong implications and costly fees. Some consequences include probation, loss of driver’s license, incarceration, and loss of employment. Each DUI case is different depending on the individual factors (Was this a first offense? Was anyone hurt? Was there any property damage?) and your defense will be tailored to the specifics of your case.


How Much Will I Pay?

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to examine your case and determine your options. We’ll discuss the details and decide if we’re the right law office for your needs. Once we have agreed to take your case, we will discuss the payment methods for your particular case.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer is a sum of money paid in advance to retain the services of a defense lawyer. This money will be used for costs, expenses, and fees as they relate to your case.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Case?

Every case is different and depending on the individual factors and complexity of the situation, will take the proportionate amount of time. We work hard to tailor our strategy to your particular case, and will provide the appropriate defense for the best possible outcome.

Do You Guarantee a Result?

It’s impossible to guarantee any definitive result in any case. We can guarantee the highest quality defense lawyer in the Lehigh Valley, and a proven track record. If for any reason you find anything does not meet your needs or expectations, please bring it to our attention immediately. We guarantee a return phone call within 48 hours, and an email within 24.